Friday, October 3, 2008

Awesome Day

Many people I talk with are always so excited about Strykers. Being that I'm not exactly the type to go crazy about any type of vehicle, my sheer delirium while in taking a ride in a Stryker surprised me more than anyone else.

I was sitting down, so I couldn’t see anything but the blue skies above. Anyone just focusing in on my facial expressions would have thought I was on a roller coaster ride. Going over the “bumps” was just so exciting. What felt like bumps, I later found out was actually uneven terrain filled with water and mud. (Thanks 1SG T.)

1SG Thompson (5th MPAD) and I were literally flying high as we rode around in the Stryker. Next to my BMW, this just might be my second favorite off-road vehicle.

--CPT Junel Jeffrey, JMRC Public Affairs Officer

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